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Why Is My Laptop Camera Not Working?

A laptop camera is just about as necessary as the keyboard, especially if you work from home. While it can be distressing, if your camera has stopped working, you can resolve the issue relatively quickly.

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Troubleshooting Options for Restoring Your Laptop Camera

Ensuring your camera works is just another part of how you care for your laptop. You can try several different troubleshooting steps to get your camera back online.

Update Your Camera’s Drivers

Sometimes, software incompatibility can be the source of your issues. Resetting the drivers can help resolve a camera issue, even if you’re just having problems with camera latency. If your camera isn’t working, you may need to update your drivers to their latest versions:

  1. Press Windows + X and click Device Manager
  2. Within Device Manager, expand Imaging Devices by clicking it.
  3. Right-click your laptop’s camera driver.
  4. Select Update Driver.
  5. Select Search automatically for updated driver software and select the latest update.

Ensure Correct Windows Camera Settings

If your camera isn’t working correctly, it may be because your camera’s settings within Windows are incorrect, denying your computer permission to use the camera. Sometimes, settings can change during normal operation. Or, if you’ve never used your camera before, Windows may have turned this setting off:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Search “webcam” in your search box.
  3. Select Camera privacy settings.
  4. Turn Allow apps to allow access to the camera.
  5. Below, select all the apps you want to use for your camera.

Troubleshoot via the Control Panel

If you don’t know the answer to the question, “Why is my laptop camera not working?” then maybe Windows itself can help you. Troubleshooting in the Control Panel can amend all kinds of issues besides your camera not working. If you’re having trouble, a Windows troubleshooting session may be able to fix your problem without any more of your effort required.

  1. Go to your Control Panel by typing “control panel” in your Settings search bar.
  2. Scroll down before clicking Troubleshooting.
  3. On the left, click View All.
  4. Click Hardware and Devices, then Next.
  5. After clicking next, the troubleshooting program will attempt to detect and fix your issue if there is one with the software of your camera.

Rollback Your Drivers

If updating your drivers doesn’t fix the issue, your drivers may be the problem. Rolling them back can help resolve any compatibility issues your laptop’s camera may be having with the system. You can do all of this within Device Manager.

  1. Search for Device Manager in your Settings search box.
  2. Click Imaging Devices, where your camera is located.
  3. Right-click your camera and select Properties.
  4. In the Driver tab, click the Roll Back Driver option and click OK. 
  5. Restart your computer.

Uninstall and Reinstall the Camera Drivers

Sometimes, reinstalling drivers can fix a problem if the initial install isn’t functioning properly.

  1. Press Windows + X and select Device Manager.
  2. Scroll until you find Imaging devices.
  3. Right-click your camera under Imaging Devices and click Uninstall Device.
  4. After opening the Uninstall Device window, check the Delete the driver software for this device option. Click Uninstall.
  5. Under the Action tab, click Scan for hardware changes. This will reinstall all missing drivers.

Check and Disable Camera Apps

If multiple apps are using your camera, they may clash and not allow seamless camera usage between them:

  1. Open Task Manager.
  2. Select the Start-up tab.
  3. Find all processes that are using the webcam.
  4. For each process you don’t want to use your webcam, right-click the process and choose Disable.

Reset Your Camera App

If all else fails, try resetting the app itself:

  1. Select Settings > Apps > Apps & Features > Camera
  2. Once you find the Camera app, select Advanced Options.
  3. Choose Reset.

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