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Why Is My iPad Not Responding to Touch?

If you own an iPad, you likely rely on it for myriad tasks, like professional work, household management, and entertainment. Is your iPad touchscreen unresponsive? This situation can make you panic and ask yourself, “Why is my iPad not responding to touch?” as you anxiously press the buttons and tap the screen.

Stay calm; services like Quik Fix Repair offer iPad screen repair in Tucson, Arizona. Below are also a few tips and tricks to make your screen respond again.

Why Is My iPad Not Responding to Touch: A Brief Guide

Smart device and iPad touchscreen issues truly bring to light society’s dependence on technology. However, your unresponsive screen is rarely a reason to panic.

 Try the following recommendations to get your device working seamlessly again:

#1 Clean Dirt or Dampness off the Screen

Your fingers smudge excess oils, leftover food, and droplets onto your screen. Your iPad might also gather dust and debris on this surface while particles infiltrate even a protective casing.

Of course, you can mitigate this by washing your hands more and also using a microfiber cloth with a little rubbing alcohol to clean the screen. Take the case off to gently wipe down the device and the inside of the case, as well.

#2 Remedy Wet or Cold Fingers Before Using Your iPad

With a touchscreen not working on iPad devices, it might not be detecting your touch because of dampness or extreme temperatures. Cold fingertips don’t provide the heat the screen responds to, and moisture places a similar barrier between your fingers and the surface.

Try warming your hands before touching the screen. If you recently rinsed your hands, thoroughly dry them on a towel. Then, try using your iPad again.

#3 Try iPad App or System Updates

Why is my iPad not responding to touch after washing and drying my hands and wiping down the screen? Sometimes, fixing iPad touchscreen problems involves a technical approach. 

Do you have issues with one app in particular? If so, close the app and check for updates. Applications may stagnate and freeze when their developers release updates. 

Alternatively, force your device to restart so that your operating system updates.

#4 Look for Problems With the iPad’s Case or Screen Protector

Searching for “iPad touchscreen not responsive” solutions on the internet might turn up some helpful advice, but they often forget the accessories like screen protectors or cases. 

Protective cases can collect dust inside, preventing your full fingerprint from making contact with the screen reader. Cases also incur damage as they age. After all, they protect your device when you drop it, becoming warped and cracked while your device remains pristine.

Check the following, as well:

  • Did you leave the thin, plastic screen protector in place? Screen protectors are almost undetectable and may bubble up or wrinkle. Lift and peel off this membrane covering the screen, and your screen should work as expected.
  • Is there visible damage on your case or screen protector? If you’ve had things for a while, you may need to replace them.

One More Possible iPad Touchscreen Issue—Faulty Cables Plugged In

Did you know that bad cables can prevent your iPad from running smoothly, too? USB cables connect to other devices, charge the battery, and help you listen to audio with earbuds. However, if you have these accessories connected to your device, try unplugging them to see whether your screen responds better. 

Be sure to reconnect them to test whether the touchscreen issue comes back, too. It could be the same cable creating the problem. Replacing faulty connections ensures they don’t interfere with how the device communicates and responds to stimuli. 

What if These Suggestions Don’t Wake Up My iPad’s Touchscreen?

While you can solve most touchscreen problems with the above solutions, an internal problem requires one of the following solutions:

  • Complete factory reset: Delete all data and personalized settings to return the device to its original programming.
  • Clear memory space: Delete apps, photos, and other data that you can do without. The move should free up the device for smoother communication and screen responses.
  • Professional iPad touchscreen troubleshooting: An iPad technician can troubleshoot and repair a hardware or software issue. 

Still Having Issues? Contact Quik Fix Repair!

“Why is my iPad not responding to touch?”

If you’re still asking this question after trying the above solutions, contact Quik Fix Repair in Tucson, Arizona. We can also fix your broken smartphone and other handheld devices. We might even help you avoid the expense of purchasing a new device with our quality tech repairs.