Wild Smartphone Repairs Tricks to Try Out

If your sense is to exhaust every single conceivable approach to fixing your phone before admitting defeat and going in to get it professionally repaired, then there are definitely some options out there for you to look at for sure.

Brushing Your Cracked Screen Instead of Teeth

Believe it or not, toothpaste is one cure you can use to help with small scratches or dings on your smart phone screen. All you have to do is put a bit of it onto something like a microfiber cloth, and then rub it with circular movements lightly. Don’t do it too hard or you could pull off surface coating or even ding the screen further.

Then, all you have to do is wipe it down with a lightly moistened, second cloth. You need the paste kind of toothpaste, and not what’s actually tooth gel. Obviously, if you accidentally threw your phone out of your tenth story apartment, you’re going to need more than just toothpaste to fix it. The kind of help only professionals can provide.

Flaming Hot Phones

If your phone burns when you touch it, chances are fairly good that it just might be too hot. This can happen for a number of reasons you may be able to fix yourself. For example, it may be too hot because you’re leaving the screen on too much, so make sure you check to see if there are any apps that are keeping the screen on more than is necessary. Most smartphone screens really weren’t mean to be left on all the time, and they can really heat up and drain your power if you do.

Also, it’s important not to underestimate breathability. Heat can dissipate from your phone naturally, but only if you let it. If it’s burning a hole in your jeans, it could be because there’s not enough room for the heat to get out. Best thing to do is take it out and put it in a pocket that breathes more like a jacket pocket. Or, you could wear some pants with bigger pockets.

There’s also the possibility that you have some app running on your phone that’s too resource intensive. This could be a game, a video recording app, or something of the like. It’s best to double-check that your heat problem isn’t something this easy to fix before you go to a professional. However, if none of these things are the case, you will want some help because a heat issue is not a minor problem many times.

Bake Your Screen Back from Scratches

Another approach you can try is using baking soda in order to fix smartphone scratches. Basically, you put 2/3rds baking soda in with 1/3rd water and mix it up. This is going to make a paste. Then, you put that paste onto the smartphone screen using a microfiber cloth. If you rub it into the screen, this should help with scratches. Again, there’s going to be a limit to how much you can use this to clean up scratches. If you used it to deflect bullets or beat off a zombie attack, chances are pretty good that hug extensive cracks will take more than baking sofa in order to solve.

In a  pinch, you could also use something like vegetable oil in order to try to clean up scratches, but this is definitely to be considered as nothing more than a temporary, aesthetic fix. It’s a fact that any scratch beyond the most shallow will require more professional help.

The Old Inevitably Loose Charger

If you’ve had a smartphone before, you know how the charging port can get loose to the point that it won’t even fit your phone anymore. Believe it or not, it’s at least possible you could fix this yourself. If you get a toothpick and sharpen one end of it, or use some other non-metal implement, you can sometimes get the lint out of the plug. Then, it’ll fit on the phone much tighter again.

That could be all it takes. If it sticks on the end much firmer afterward and charges again, you’ll know that lint was probably the only real problem that you were facing. Otherwise, you’ll need to go seek out a professional because it could be some issue with the inside of the phone, something related to software, or any number of other problems, all of which will be too much for you to do a cheap fix on your own.

Waterlogged Rice Maneuver

If you dropped your phone directly into a puddle, a pool, the ocean, or had some type of water dragon took a shot at you, you very well might find that your phone is no longer functional. This is often because of the battery or little droplets of water that may be in other parts of the phone.

One approach that’s worked for some people is to take out the battery, and put it under a clump of raw rice.

The idea is that the rice can absorb little bits of water from the phone, and then once they are all removed, you can grab your phone, put it back together, and it may work again. This may not work for all smartphones, of course, especially those that don’t have a battery you can detach. In those cases, you should really go out and seek the help of a professional.

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