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Why You Should Buy a Used Phone Instead of a New One

Shopping for a new phone? Everyone knows how stressful the phone buying process can be. These days, there are so many brands, sizes, and features to choose from. Most phone buyers will immediately choose to purchase a brand new phone without considering the other option—a certified pre-owned phone. In this blog, we’ll discuss the top 3 reasons why you should buy a used phone that could be more beneficial than purchasing a new one.

1. Buy a used phone to save up to 20% off the retail cost but get the same phone

Yes—you read that number correctly! Pre-owned phones are much more inexpensive than brand new phones, and they also allow you to avoid signing any strict contracts or upgrade policies (which can be pricey). The even better news, though, is that you can get the same exact phone you would have purchased new. Many phone repair shops (like us!) offer the latest and greatest phone models at affordable prices.

Saving money is probably the most obvious reason to buy a used phone, but it is certainly not the only one. Keep reading to learn more!

2. Keep devices in circulation and out of the landfills

Purchasing a pre-owned phone also helps save energy, water, and other resources required to make brand new devices. Most unwanted technology just ends up in a landfill, which is incredibly toxic to the environment. At landfills, cell phones are either thrown into the soil or burnt, both of which pollute the environment. When they are burnt, the toxic metals are released into the air, and when they are just buried into the soil, those same metals will eventually contaminate local water and the local landfill.

The good news? When you buy a used phone, you’re giving that phone a second chance and taking one small step toward reducing the toxic impact of electronic waste.

3. Support the right to repair movement & local businesses.

Have you ever heard of ‘The Right to Repair’ movement? According to this New York Times article, the ‘Right to Repair’ movement seeks to “require companies to make their parts, tools and information available to consumers and repair shops in order to keep devices from ending up in the scrap heap,” arguing that such rules “contribute to wasted natural resources and energy use.”

Many large manufacturers restrict who can and can’t repair their products. Apple, for example, only gives specific repair tools and parts to Apple-authorized service providers. The ‘Right to Repair’ movement changes all of that, advocating for less restrictive laws that will allow local repair shops—and even product owners—to fix these products. This not only benefits and supports local business owners (who will be able to expand their services), but it also benefits the product owner. The majority of these large manufacturers charge much more to service your device, and they also attempt to persuade you to buy a new one instead of repairing the one you have.

But when you choose to buy a used phone from a local business, you become a participant in the ‘Right to Repair’ movement and an advocate for local businesses! It’s just one more reason to consider buying a pre-owned phone.

Did you know? Quik Fix AZ offers a variety of device sales. Stop by our store and let us know what kind of pre-owned phone you’re looking for.

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