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The Top 10 Qualities to Seek in an iPhone/Android Phone Repair Company

Approximately 90% of Americans own a mobile phone, with iPhone and Android devices dominating the cell phone market. For many of these Americans, their mobile phones are their only means of accessing the internet or communicating with family and customers, creating a culture of cell phone dependency. Our dependence upon our mobile devices is expected to continue to rise as our desire for convenience increases.

The Growing Need for iPhone and Android Phone Repair Services

As Americans become increasingly dependent upon their mobile devices, the need for prompt, high-quality iPhone/Android phone repair service is greater than ever. A damaged mobile phone or tablet is not only frustrating, but can be devastating to professionals who depend upon their cell phones to conduct business. With more than 9 in every 10 cell phone users depending upon an iPhone or Android phone, it is critical for cell phone repair companies to demonstrate efficiency when repairing iPhones and Android phones.

The Top 10 Qualities to Seek in a Mobile Phone Repair Service Provider

Not all cell phone repair companies are created equal. Your mobile phone is the key to your ability to communicate with friends, family and employers. As you evaluate potential mobile phone repair providers, you should look for a mobile phone repair company that possesses the following 10 qualities:

1) Speed of repair services provided. Speed is the most important criteria for consumers who are heavily dependent upon their iPhones and Android phones. Same day service is a top priority for the most dependable cell phone repair companies. Ideally, a repair company should strive to complete repairs within a matter of minutes after providing a diagnosis.

2) Ability to provide an accurate diagnosis quickly. Diagnostic accuracy is critical to the success of the cell phone repair process. Failure to properly diagnose a problem with your iPhone or Android phone can lead to unnecessary expense and ineffective repairs.

3) Experience with a wide range of repair services. A trusted cell phone repair provider should demonstrate competency with a comprehensive array of problems that affect iPhones and Android phones. Below are some of the key issues that repair providers should be prepared to address:

  • Battery repair and replacement
  • Replacement of broken LCDs
  • Evaluation and treatment of phones that have sustained water damage
  • Assistance unlocking phones
  • Repair of WiFi
  • Replacement of damaged back covers
  • Bluetooth repair
  • Repair of cameras
  • Replacement of damaged front glass


4) Affordability of services offered. Your mobile phone repair provider should provide superb quality at a fair price. The price of parts and labor should be clearly outlined in writing, and there should be no hidden costs. Additionally, your provider should offer a variety of payment options, including payment by cash, credit card or debit card.

5) Highly skilled repair technicians. When evaluating cell phone repair companies, you should seek a company with technicians who are skilled in the repair of iPhones and Android phones. In addition to industry experience, technicians should receive periodic training on the latest repair techniques and diagnostic tools.

6) Convenience of service. Convenience is a must for many business owners and working consumers who simply do not have time to drive to a cell phone repair store. Some providers offer onsite evaluation and repair of your iPhone or Android phone. This saves time and eliminates traffic hassles for consumers who cannot afford to leave their businesses or places of employment.

7) Quality of repair services provided. A reliable cell phone repair company provides speedy repairs without compromising the quality of service provided. Repairs should be completed neatly and thoroughly, and your phone should be returned in clean condition.

8) Customer accessibility and support. Whether you have an iPhone with a damaged cover or an Android phone with a defective camera, you deserve to receive professional customer service quickly. Leading repair providers recognize that cell phone troubles can strike at any time and offer extended store hours beyond the typical 9 to 5 schedule. The most committed providers offer accessibility by phone or email 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

9) Tools and parts required to perform repairs. One of the key differences between novice repair companies and experienced providers is a complete collection of repair tools and quick access to replacement parts. In addition to basic tools such as an array of screwdrivers, special scissors, and spudgers, your cell phone repair provider should have alcohol on hand to help restore water damaged phones. A healthy stock of replacement parts should include charging ports, glass, and screens for iPhones and Android phones.

10) Warranty offered for repair services. A warranty is the cornerstone of an effective cell phone repair campaign. Ideally, a warranty should be included at no additional charge with your iPhone or Android repair and should cover any subsequent services needed for one year. Before you remit payment for your repair services, make sure that your warranty terms are clearly outlined on your invoice.

Selecting the Best Mobile Phone Repair Service Provider

Very few mobile phone repair companies offer a comprehensive level of service that includes all ten of these key benefits. Fortunately for the residents of Tucson, Quik Fix iPhone Repair sets itself apart from the competition by providing all of the advantages outlined above. We invite you to contact us to find out why we are Tucson’s most trusted choice for mobile phone repair service. Your time is valuable, and we offer our customers an unprecedented level of convenience and expertise. We look forward to helping you with your mobile phone repair needs!