Sell Your iPhone or Android in Tucson AZ


TLDR: Quik Fix iPhone Repair provides Tucson Arizona with a one-stop shop for repairs, and buying or selling devices with prices that can’t be beat.


Interested in selling your phone in Tucson Arizona? Don’t know where to start the process?

At Quik Fix in Tucson Arizona, we make it easy to sell your iPhone and Android devices today. We offer on the spot cash offers for new, used and even damaged devices. Whether you want some extra cash, a new phone, or trade in your device, let us make you an offer you can’t refuse!

Save Yourself the Headache of Selling Anywhere Else

buy new or used androids in tucson azIt seems with every new version of smartphones being released, they are getting more and more expensive. In fact, so expensive that you have to set up a payment plan to get one. Some carriers may allow you to turn in your old iPhone or Android for credit towards the latest version, and the procedure can be stressful. We suggest that you sell your old device to us! You can get more cash than you would if you had just traded it in with your carrier. Our prices are unbeatable, and we take pride in the service we have to offer the Tucson Arizona area.

Why Quik Fix is the Phone Company in Tucson AZ You Can Trust

We value our customers, and it shows. We make it our priority to provide customer satisfaction and our clients leave us great reviews! QuikFix Phone Repair has been in business since 2014, and is a trusted company in the Tucson area. With customer satisfaction guaranteed, here is why you should consider selling your new, used or broken device to Quik Fix:


  • Safer and more convenient than selling yourself
  • No need to ship and wait for your check
  • Locally owned and operated since 2014


Here at QuikFix, we pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, quick turn around times, and your satisfaction. Stop by one of our three locations in Tucson and we can make you an offer on the spot!

Interested in Trading In Your iPhone in Tucson Arizona?

Have you been considering getting rid of your old iPhone or Android? Have you been eyeing that new device, but not wanting to pay full retail price for it? We purchase a wide variety of devices, and offer cash or trade-in credit so you can get the gadget you are wanting. We also guarantee the quality of our used phones, and proudly offer the cheapest pricing in the Tucson area. Whether you are looking for the latest and greatest at the fraction of the cost, or looking for a reliable used phone to maximize your savings, we have the devices to meet your needs. Come by and browse our collection of iPhones and Androids available for purchase.

Visit Quik Fix Phone Repair in Tucson AZ to Sell Your Phone

Quik Fix buys new, used and damaged devices in different makes and models so you can get rid of your old phone, and get a little extra cash in your pocket! We pride ourselves in being the quickest and most profitable solution in Tucson when it comes to selling your devices.

People Also Ask

What do you do to prepare your iPhone for selling?


Before selling your device, it’s important to protect your privacy. Unpair any devices attached to it, such as an Apple Watch. Back up your data, turn off Find Your iPhone on your device. Deregister your iMessage on your phone and sign out of your iCloud, iTunes and App Store. Erase all of your iPhone’s Data and Settings. Remove Your iPhone from your Apple ID Account and remove the SIM card. You should be able to unlock the device in order to show it to the company you are selling to or trading in with.



What needs to be done to an Android before selling?


Back up your data and settings to your google account. Ensure all of you photos and videos are also backed up. Back up your texts and encrypt your data. Log out of all accounts, and remove your SIM card or any external storage. Disable Factory Reset Protection and perform a factory reset on the device.



How do I sell my phone?


There are generally 3 ways to sell your device. Online, In Person, or Trade In with your carrier. Each have their pros and cons. It’s important you know the worth of your phone and only sell with trustworthy and accredited companies