Samsung Galaxy Vs. Iphone Comparison- The Race for Perfection

Samsung Galaxy and iPhone have been major rivals ever since the Galaxy first came out, and they’ve definitely pushed the other competitor to greater heights along the way. How do these two phones match up in terms of which phone is better for who? What does the future have in store for the properties, and will either eventually be victorious?

Personality Wars-Order vs. Creativity

There’s no doubt that the Apple store has some of the best apps in the world. You won’t find any genuinely terrible apps there, generally. If you want to only look through the best, and have everything be ordered, and this is your personality, then the iPhone is definitely for you. Being a casual developer, or someone who wants to learn from the ground up is also going to be harder with the iPhone. They call the App Store a “walled garden” for a good reason.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind having to sort through an absolutely huge number of apps, many of which are of poor quality, all for the sake of finding some truly creative, new ideas for your phone, than going with the Galaxy which runs Android operating system derivatives, may be the better way to go instead.

Personality Wars-Power Vs. Novelty

This really goes back and forth depending on the models you’re comparing. For example, the Galaxy S7 has twice the Ram at 4GB compared to the iPhone 6S which has 2GB. Both have a comparable chip, though the 6S has the 64-bit core. This can be generally representative of how this fight goes. Samsung often has more power on paper, with the iPhone6S having some cute little extra thing.

So, it just comes down to which interests you more most of the time? Do you want just whatever is the most powerful on paper, no matter what? Or do you like playing around with some new thing that you’ve never seen before? That can help you decide for sure.

Personality Wars-Preset vs. Customization

People definitely vary about how much they want to take personal control of their phone and customize it to their heart’s content. Android phones like the Galaxy tend to have huge options for this. Depending on your technical skill, you can change around just about every aspect of the phone from the lock screen, to the pull-down menu, to the wallpaper and everything in between.

You can get your own third-party virtual keyboard and load it with all of your own words if you don’t like the keyboard that comes stock, for example. You can make it look just like a Windows phone, you can upload all of your own images and preferences and make the phone truly your own.

The iPhone doesn’t like you messing around with this kind of thing nearly as much. The focus is on user-friendly, which generally means preset controls. It’s easy for user’s to go awry when you have a lot of customization options, after all. The iPhone has to play catch up to a lot of what Android and Galaxy has already. The rumor is that it will take until iOS 8 to get predictive text, third-party keyboards and other such features that Android and Galaxy have had for ages.

In other words, the iPhone will likely often be easier to use than the Galaxy, but it will also be slower many times when it comes to changes to the O.S., especially when it comes to all of those features that require tapping into customization on the phone considering how reticent iPhone can be about giving you access to that. This is especially the case for any features involving third parties.

Apple really doesn’t like opening up third-party access to its hardware without a tremendous amount of vetting first, so this is inevitably going to be way slower on Apple than on Galaxy.

Looking Towards the Future

The year 2017 is going to show a decisive battle with the Samsung Galaxy S8 versus the iPhone 8. This is actually a good example of the kind of fight these two devices have had and will be having apparently, for some time to come.

You see, the iPhone 8 has rumored features including an iris scanner and wireless charging simultaneously. It’s rumored that the Galaxy S8 will be matching it, except without the charging port. This extra feature is the type of thing that iPhone is often known for, after all. After all, iPhone is what started off the whole smartphone revolution in the first place.

They really know how to stay on the cutting edge of new extra features. The rumor is that the S8 will have the better dual lens camera with 16MP and 4k video recording, just beating out the 12MP of the iPhone 8. The rumor is also that the iPhone 8 will have up to 4GB of RAM whereas the S8 could have as much as 6GB of RAM. That’s a lot of RAM!

So, even in the rumors, you have some innovative tech combinations with the iPhone with more of a focus on aesthetics and some real hard-hitting hardware options with the potential Samsung Galaxy S8. Tech-heads may want to go with the Galaxy into the future, but those loyal to Apple and its beautiful designs are unlikely to be swayed by anything anyway nor should they be!

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