New Year, New…Phone?

Just a few more days and it’s 2021 and with it comes the old adage ‘New year, New me’. So does this mean a phone upgrade is imminent? Well, newer isn’t always better. And with a barrage of new smartphones hitting the market, there are almost too many options to consider.


With flagship phone brands getting bigger and better, sleeker and sportier, more elegant and shinier, it’s no wonder people are queueing up to get the latest model of iPhone or Android. But just because these smartphones are hot off the press with all the latest and greatest tech features, it’s not always the smartest idea to go ahead and get one. Despite some of the downsides you might be experiencing with your current handset, which let’s say is just a few years old, your best option might actually be to seek expert technician advice rather than straining your budget by replacing your phone. 

Why phone repair is better than phone replacement

First of all, if it’s just a want – not an urgent need – and you’re tempted to upgrade simply because there’s a new model of your favorite phone brand in store, then it’s best to resist the unnecessary urge. If you have a perfectly working device, the best option is to upgrade on ‘accessories’ to get the most of your phone’s features. Buy that perfect pair of headphones for a great sound experience, or try choosing a new phone case to give your gadget a new look – both options at a cheaper cost than a new phone. Visit a repair service center or head over to Quik Fix AZ to get your phone checked over. While you’re there, look into a variety of handy accessories to amp up your phone.


But how about if the battery is quickly draining and requires frequent charging? “Do I need a new phone,” you might be asking. Well, maybe a new battery is a better solution. Seek out trained repair technicians at Quik Fix AZ to give you the best battery troubleshooting and replacement options with guaranteed quality parts – more cost-efficient compared to buying a new device.


Now draining batteries are one thing, but what if you run out of storage? Again, simply purchasing more data might be a more cost-effective option here. Or you can just simply make room on your phone to store music, apps, and videos, by transferring some of the files you don’t often use to your computer or cloud drive. This will save you more bucks in the long run!


“But wait, my screen is cracked!” a very common problem most device users have. Get your phone back in shape by considering screen replacement offered by Quik Fix AZ . See how happy your wallet will be with this financially better alternative to a new phone! And what’s more, you can use the money you saved on phone essentials like a high-quality, durable case screen protector to keep your screen safe.


Phone upgrades can look really appealing, but given the current state of affairs, it’s better to save money by opting for ‘upgrading’ your current phone with excellent repair services. Resist the urge to splurge that unnecessary amount for a new device that will soon be replaced by a newer model in just a span of months.


Visit Quik Fix AZ today, and get the best out of your mobile device!