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Why Leave iPhone/Android Phone Repair To The Professionals? Nine Reasons

So you’ve dropped your phone in the toilet, down a flight of stairs, or off the balcony. The phone has a cracked screen, water damage, or internal trauma, and you’re devastated. After calming down, you’ll have to make a choice between buying a new phone, trying to repair the phone yourself, or taking the phone into a professional repair service. While you could buy a new phone, you’ll want to make sure this isn’t more expensive than repairing your current phone. Only a professional has the insight to diagnose a phone and provide an accurate estimate for its repair. Here are nine more reasons why professional iPhone/Android phone repair is the way to go.

Trying DIY Voids Your Warranty

Smartphone manufacturers provide warranties to cover repair costs in the case of technical failures. In addition, carriers offer insurance to provide coverage for repair costs. Once a phone breaks, users often attempt to repair the phone on their own rather than take advantage of warranty and insurance to pay for professional repair. Perhaps they feel as though they don’t have the time to wait for a repair shop, or they’re overconfident about their technical skills. Unfortunately, if they open the phone and make the problem worse, they void the warranty. That’s why leaving the phone alone and taking it to a repair shop is better than a DIY attempt.

Finding Parts Often Proves Difficult

The average smartphone user isn’t as likely to find appropriate parts for their phone as a repair shop is. Repair shops have connections within the industry and can access unique parts to fix a certain smartphone. Sometimes users think they’re ordering the right part to fix a phone themselves, but the part ends up not working. They’ve now wasted their money on an inappropriate part plus shipping costs for that part.

You Could Make The Problem Worse

The innards of a smartphone are highly complex, and a repair person needs certain knowledge, skills, and experience to do the job right. The slightest mistake or oversight can worsen the damage and make the problem more complicated. This means higher repair costs when you do bring the phone to a shop, and now that you’ve voided the warranty, you’ll have to cover these costs.

You Risk Battery Damage

As technology has progressed, the removable cell phone battery has become a rarity. If a user has to remove a battery, that user has to buy a special kit for opening up the device. Even with the kit, the task is challenging and requires some technical skill. One wrong move can damage the battery or surrounding structures. When the battery is out, it also gathers dust particles, which transfer to the phone’s innards once replaced.


You Don’t Have The Right Tools

Opening up a smartphone requires tools that average smartphone users don’t have lying around the house. That’s why many smartphone users who attempt DIY repair use inappropriate tools. Tools such as eyeglass screwdrivers, butter knives, and guitar picks are too harsh on delicate smartphone structures. While you could buy professional tools, they’re costly, and you’ll probably just use them once. You might as well take the phone to someone who has not only the right tools but also the expertise to know what they’re doing.

You Don’t Have Insight From Experience

The odds are that an average smartphone user doesn’t have past experience of opening up hundreds of smartphones and making repairs to them. With experience comes insight to correctly diagnose and repair problems, and that’s what professionals have. Watching online tutorials isn’t the same thing as being experienced. The savvy person in the tutorial video probably makes the repair look a lot easier than it actually is.

You Might Choose Bogus Parts

In your quest to find replacement parts, you could end up purchasing a bogus version of a part. This happens when shady retailers sell cheap parts made of low-quality or inappropriate material. Professionals look at smartphone parts all day, and they can tell a bogus version of a part from the real deal. Repair shops wouldn’t damage their reputations by repairing phones with cheap parts. Instead, they buy real parts in large quantities to provide to their customers.


Losing Parts Is Easy

When you take a smartphone apart, you’ll have many screws and tiny pieces to keep track of. DIY smartphone repair people often lose these little parts. They roll off a table and under large structures or into the depths of carpet fibers. Finding them again is like searching for a needle in a haystack. Professionals have sophisticated ways of keeping track of these small pieces during a repair.


The Problem Isn’t Always Obvious

Smartphone innards connect in ways that aren’t obvious to the untrained eye. While a user may assume the problem lies in one part, it often actually exists in another. Smartphone repair professionals have appropriate knowledge, training, and experience to know which parts to evaluate and repair.

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