Google’s Android turns 10

Android turns 10

Android turns 10 this year

September 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of when the Android OS was introduced to us. That’s right Android turns 10!T-mobile was the wireless network that started it all off for Android. They released their G1 10 years ago today. With Android 1.0 OS running on the G1. It was on September 23, 2008 that Androids first OS was unleashed onto the world. It had its share of issues, one including that it could not play videos outside of YouTube. Nothing starts off perfect, so a smart phone os is not an exception. As of today when Android turns 10, it’s now one of the biggest smart phone OS systems out there.

Over some time it began work on it’s OS and has been embraced by Motorola, Samsung, and many more! Giving Android a chance to dominate by 2010. Now that Android turns 10 this year it has a much different look and success than it did during it’s G1 days. It is found on over 2 billion active devices and also has even moved past just smartphones and has been showing up on TV and PC platforms as well. It may continue to grow in the future. Android turns 10 this year so its technically still a young brand. This means it has plenty of room to grow.

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