Cracked Screen? Get iPhone/Android Phone Repair ASAP

Screen cracks are extremely common smartphone repair issues since dropping a phone is such an easy thing to do. If you’ve dropped your phone and now have a cracked screen, you could do nothing or get it repaired. While phones often remain functional after suffering a cracked screen, using a phone chronically with a cracked screen could lead to problems. Here are some reasons why obtaining iPhone/Android phone repair for a cracked screen is your best bet.

Sharp Shards of Glass

Perhaps the most obvious concern with using a phone that has a cracked screen is that you can cut yourself on the glass. You have to exercise extra caution as you run your finger or thumb across the screen to use it, which is annoying and time-consuming. Shards of glass may also fall from the screen inside your purse, pocket, or bag, and you could cut yourself when you reach inside these places.

Cracks Worsen With Time

Cracks only get deeper, longer, and more numerous with time instead of better. Sooner or later, you’ll have to have the screen fixed, and the sooner you do, the least likely the phone is to experience internal damage from the cracks.

Damage From Glass Shards

Glass shards can damage the underlying LCD panel, which is a much more serious problem than broken surface glass. That’s why you won’t want to wait long after you crack the screen to have the phone repaired.

Eye Strain

Reading text on a broken glass screen is hard because you have to strain your eyes more. Text becomes distorted around the cracked area, and it takes longer to decipher the words. Reading text on a small smartphone screen is already enough strain on your eyes as it is, and you should protect your vision by getting a broken screen fixed as soon as possible.

Frustration Viewing Content

In addition to text, videos and pictures are more difficult to see with a cracked screen. You’ll have to scroll and change phone orientation to see a certain part of a picture clearly. This is time-consuming and just another frustration of using a phone with a cracked screen.

Abnormal Colors And Dead Spots

If the panel underneath the screen suffers damage, you may start to see odd colors. The screen may also lose functionality in certain places, and you’ll have dead spots that don’t respond to touch. If your cracked-screen phone has these issues, you should take it to get evaluated and repaired before the damage worsens.

Damage From Debris

When a phone’s screen cracks, its internal structures become exposed and vulnerable. Dirt, dust, oil from hands, and other debris can make their way into the cracks and damage the screen and underlying panel. You can’t even wipe your screen clean anymore with a damp cloth because water can seep in through those cracks. Bacteria may also start to grow in these cracks, which becomes a health concern.

Ruined Water Resistance

If you have a water-resistant phone, a cracked screen takes away this resistance. Some smartphone users buy water-resistant devices because they’re around water a lot. If this is your situation, you’ll want to repair a cracked screen right away to restore water resistance and prevent damage.

Increased Fragility

Once your screen cracks, your device becomes more vulnerable than it was before. If you drop it again, internal structures can shatter and render the phone unusable. Even if your phone still works after you drop it again, further screen cracks increase the chances that touch functionality will fade. If you aren’t in a position to buy a new phone, you should repair a cracked screen before the worst happens.

GPS Trouble

Trying to use a GPS app in the car with a cracked phone screen is really frustrating. Screen cracks distort those little lines on GPS maps, making you more likely to make driving mistakes. You’ll also spend longer glancing down at your phone trying to decipher distorted lines, and this is an obvious safety concern since you have your eyes off the road. If you use GPS a lot, you won’t want to wait to get your screen fixed.

Loss of Aesthetics

A phone with a cracked screen doesn’t look good. If you use your phone a lot at work, you’ll want it to look intact and undamaged. Even if you pride yourself on professionalism, people might still judge you as being careless or unprofessional if your phone is all cracked up. This is an even greater concern if you have to use your phone during job interviews.

Increased Repair Costs

If you wait to repair your screen, you’ll probably end up paying higher repair costs than you would pay if you didn’t wait. That’s because of all the problems that can happen as a result of using a phone with a cracked screen. While you may save money now by ignoring the cracks, you’ll pay for your decision in the long haul.

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